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Representation For Labor And Employment Law Matters

For employees, problems at work can be among the most difficult situations they will experience, and because of the amount of time most people spend at work, it can cause significant difficulties in their life, including loss of income and stress.

Can You Sue Your Employer And Keep Your Job?

Whether the problem is behavior of other employees, supervisors or their employer, it can be overwhelming for an employee to know where to turn for relief that doesn’t jeopardize their job, career, income or future.

This instinct is well-founded; many retaliation, hostile work environment and discrimination cases began with an employee informing their employer of situations where something did not seem proper. The attorneys at Selikoff & Cohen, P.A., understand these concerns and they know how to bring an employment law case, while protecting your rights.

Facts And Evidence Matter

Our firm will examine your factual situation and help determine the potential employment law claims. They will also advise you of the type of information and evidence necessary to prove the elements of your claim.

This may include memos, emails, letters, phone conversations or other statements. With a single incident, it may be difficult to convince a judge of your case, but if you can demonstrate numerous incidents that show a pattern and practice of behavior by your employer, your case will be much stronger.

Employment Law In New Jersey

Our firm has decades of experience representing employees with a wide range of employment law claims, including:

  • Wrongful termination
  • Whistleblower
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Wage and hour claims
  • Restrictive covenants
  • Employee handbooks and policies
  • Discrimination claims, including racial discrimination
  • Claims of harassment both before and after litigation is threatened

To Speak With A Lawyer About An Employment Law Issue

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